The Best Rooms of 2018!

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Happy New Year!!! Here's a glimpse into some of the rooms House of Nomad designed and are really proud of: Our Best of 2019! It was the year of blue, teal, layered and textured spaces -- and we're on to amazing new palettes and moods for 2019, including laquered cabinets and modern house renovations. We can't wait!

1. Davidson: Girl’s Bedroom

2: Davidson: Living Room

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3. Dilworth: Dining Room

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4: NoDA: Master Bedroom (Kelley’s Home!)

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Keep Your Head Up with Wallpapered Ceilings!

Hey guys, we know it’s Monday again but, things are sure to look up (see what we did there) after you check out these 10 ceilings with wallpaper that we are sharing with you today.

We here at HON love wallpaper but, give us a ceiling with wallpaper - now we are talking! What better way to incorporate design and give your space dimension with a big wow factor. Check out all of these awesome examples of ceilings that were given some wallpaper lovin'.

Happy Monday and keep your head up! 

Asian Inspiration

As many of you know I spent four crazy and fabulous years of my life living abroad in Shanghai with my husband, Brad. The first year was such an adjustment (maybe an understatement) but by the end it had become home to us. We had fabulous apartment in the French Concession that had so much character and history I wasn't even fazed by the five story walkup. 

Moving back was harder than I anticipated but I finally have set down some roots and feel very happy and inspired in Charlotte. The reason I am going down memory lane here is because I am about to go BACK to Shanghai this Saturday! There is a furniture fair there once a year and this year I will be attending with B (he helps run a furniture company- Fresh Industries

I have lists and lists of things that I need to see and EAT while I am there but I am particularly excited to see Tianzifang. This is one of the art districts in Shanghai that is just ally after ally of amazing shops, cafes and art galleries! We are in the process of moving into a new home in NODA so the timing could not be more perfect. One of the best pottery stores there is called Spin- this is one of those places where you walk in and you actually just want to live inside the store. They don't even have any furniture in it but it just conjures up these feelings and you want to stay awhile. I will for sure be taking tons of videos etc. while I am there so be sure to follow us on Insta! @houseofnomaddesign

With my mind already in Shanghai I decided to showcase some of my favorite Asian inspired pieces of furniture, art, and accessories. Let us know your favorites!

Zai jian 再见  for now! 




15 Grasscloths for Every Budget!

Wondering how to add some texture to a space or add some personality to your powder bath? Grasscloth may just be the answer. Here at HON we are still obsessing over the wallpaper trend with the bold patterns and colors but we understand that it's not for everyone. So for all you grasscloth lovers out there this list is for you!

We have gathered 15 grasscloths in a variety of styles and price ranges that can transform your space in a day or two. Some of the most interesting ones we think are the grasscloth wallpapers with rich texture and printed patterns! 

Tip: This may not be the best one to hang for a first timer.... The glue that is required to paste your wallpaper will easily stain your grasscloth, so if you are one of the kids that did not color in between the lines (like Berk and I) this project is not for you. Also, due to the thickness of the grasscloth it is a challenge to cut off the excess where it meets the ceiling and the baseboard or chair rail is. Don't let this scare you- just hire a PRO ;) 

Nomad Design Tip: Grasscloth is a great way to add some warmth and texture to a space. It also adds a custom feel to your home that is uniquely you- so we are all for it! Some of our favorite spaces for grasscloth are offices, small studies and powder baths. (stay away from bathrooms with showers- this stuff does not like humidity). If you are wanting todo an accent wall we suggest you use one of the options with a pattern! When taking a design risk it is all about commitment... be sure to bring in a similar pattern/texture elsewhere in the space (pillows, decor, rug) to help bring the space together!