Nothing makes a room feel more cozy and welcoming than a beautiful plant in a even more beautiful pot! We are so excited about  these stunning pots and vases that will help add some texture and personality to any space. Some are so beautiful that they can easily stand alone on a shelf, others look fabulous when you group them (on the floor or on a table). Another great look is to add a little potted plant onto a small stool or chair to add some height!

If you have several shelves you are working with go ahead and get 3-4 from the same family in a range of sizes that can be placed on the different shelves (one can have a plant in it (a real one please), one is a stand alone and one is a bookend) This helps pull the whole look together and doesn’t feel as random! 

HON loves to know what you think... so share your personal favorites in the comments!

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