Power Couples!

This week we are taking a look at our favorite "power couples!" We love a dynamic duo and that applies to furniture as well. Nesting tables- sets of table lamps- interesting bookends- a set of boxes...you get the idea! The power of two in a room is clear- it helps to add balance and harmony into your space. We are not saying that everything has to be "matchy matchy"- but if your side tables are not the same think about doing a pair of table lamps that match! This will help keep the space feeling less busy and tie everything together. 

We have gathered our favorite duos below! Click on the image to find out where to purchase and be sure to let us know your favorites!

Mediterranean Inspiration

Its vacation time here at HON! We travel to keep ourselves inspired - keeping us creative and making sure we always have fresh perspectives. Well, and we also just live for it!

While Kel is spending her time in Asia, I will be heading to the Mediterranean with my husband, Diek for a little R&R. We are heading to Mallorca Spain for about a week and then on to Nice for several days. Taking it easy with that big, blue ocean as our backdrop.

What I love about Mediterranean style is that it’s typically simple. Simple, relaxed, neutral palette with lots of texture and pops of blue. Sun bleached wood, natural textiles, mixed materials. What’s not to love? Really this mindset is something that could translate to a lovely home no matter where you are!

Our favorite pieces inspired by the Mediterranean:

Make sure you follow along with us on our journey on insta @houseofnomaddesign.com. Adios amigos! 

Asian Inspiration

As many of you know I spent four crazy and fabulous years of my life living abroad in Shanghai with my husband, Brad. The first year was such an adjustment (maybe an understatement) but by the end it had become home to us. We had fabulous apartment in the French Concession that had so much character and history I wasn't even fazed by the five story walkup. 

Moving back was harder than I anticipated but I finally have set down some roots and feel very happy and inspired in Charlotte. The reason I am going down memory lane here is because I am about to go BACK to Shanghai this Saturday! There is a furniture fair there once a year and this year I will be attending with B (he helps run a furniture company- Fresh Industries

I have lists and lists of things that I need to see and EAT while I am there but I am particularly excited to see Tianzifang. This is one of the art districts in Shanghai that is just ally after ally of amazing shops, cafes and art galleries! We are in the process of moving into a new home in NODA so the timing could not be more perfect. One of the best pottery stores there is called Spin- this is one of those places where you walk in and you actually just want to live inside the store. They don't even have any furniture in it but it just conjures up these feelings and you want to stay awhile. I will for sure be taking tons of videos etc. while I am there so be sure to follow us on Insta! @houseofnomaddesign

With my mind already in Shanghai I decided to showcase some of my favorite Asian inspired pieces of furniture, art, and accessories. Let us know your favorites!

Zai jian 再见  for now! 




9 Marble Tables for Every Style & Budget

There is nothing that we love more than mixing different elements in a room… If you look around your living room and feel like it’s all blending together or it feels dark and dreary than it might be time to trade out one of those wood side tables or coffee tables and freshen up your space with a touch of marble.

We love some of the smaller marble side tables and nesting tables… all great options for someone that doesn’t want to break the bank on a large marble coffee table. We scoured through some of our favorite sources and found some great marble tables in a wide range of prices and sizes to add a new fresh element in your space!

Quick Tip: Grab a tray or a pretty set of coasters to place on your marble coffee table to keep it looking beautiful for longer! Also, have your table periodically resealed to retain the shine and help protect it from future stains.

Nomad Design Tip: If you end up doing a small marble accent table be sure to add another marble element somewhere else in the space. Look for a marble tray or object that you could put out on your coffee table or mantel. This adds some more interest in the space and makes your design decision feel intentional- not random!