Natural Rugs 101

Are you looking to add more texture to your space? Create a more organic feel to your home? Or maybe you need a rug that is natural enough to work with your existing furniture but is not a snooze fest? You are all in luck! Here at HON we are obsessed with natural rugs... What do we mean by natural? Any rug that is made from a natural fiber i.e. seagrass, bamboo, jute, sisal!

We love to use these versatile rugs in our designs and even in our own homes... think durability and a chic look all rolled into one. But what about cleaning these natural beauties?

Here are our tips:

Sisal Rugs: The first thing to know is that you do not want to get the rug anymore wet... even though these guys are super durable they do not want to get wet. It can cause shrinkage and/or a mildew scent. Blot the spot and remove any food etc. from it first and then use a natural solvent to mist on the spot. Here is a link with the solvent options (most involve vinegar or a gentle dish soap and water).

Jute Rugs: 

  1.  Dab with a white cloth dampened with club soda to neutralize the spill and remove any possible stain.
  2. Let dry. Many times the stain disappears. If not, try cleaning with a cloth dampened with mild soap, or use our Sisal Life Cleaner. Dry immediately with a hairdryer or fan.
  3. Host Dry Cleaner Kit Method – you can also use the Host Dry Cleaner to spot clean. Shake HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner onto the spill until covered.

The great thing is the Host Dry Cleaner Kit Method works on most of the natural rugs from jute to seagrass! 

We have a few favorite rugs and go-to sources that we love and want to share those with you guys! Below you will find some beautiful natural rug options... click on the images to find where to purchase. 

TRENDING: Multi-Purpose Coffee Tables

Not everyone has a huge space to work with when designing a new living room. Trending now are multi-purpose coffee tables and ottomans that act as storage pieces, tables and organizers for all your organizing needs! The best part is that these coffee tables are still beautiful to look at so there is no sacrifice on form with the function of these tables.  One of them even opens out to reveal a twin bed- perfect for those last minute guests! 

(Finally we can hide those 3 remotes that we need to turn on our tv’s and stream cable)

Click on the images below to find out where to purchase these functional beauties and let us know your favorites in the moments!

The Power of a Console

We all have that space in our home where we think.. “something is missing.” Or it feels a little empty and lacking personality! Before deciding to FILL it with a large and heavy looking piece of furniture look into doing a console with a beautiful mirror or piece of artwork above!

They come in an array of sizes, styles, colors and price points so we wanted to show you some of our favorites and be sure to check out our instagram @houseofnomaddesign to see examples of console styling done just right!

Due to the skinnier depth of these pieces it will still keep a nice flow throughout your home and will help to anchor a mirror or piece of art. Click on the images to be taken to the site for more details on where to purchase!

 Be sure to leave us comments on your personal favorites. 


9 Marble Tables for Every Style & Budget

There is nothing that we love more than mixing different elements in a room… If you look around your living room and feel like it’s all blending together or it feels dark and dreary than it might be time to trade out one of those wood side tables or coffee tables and freshen up your space with a touch of marble.

We love some of the smaller marble side tables and nesting tables… all great options for someone that doesn’t want to break the bank on a large marble coffee table. We scoured through some of our favorite sources and found some great marble tables in a wide range of prices and sizes to add a new fresh element in your space!

Quick Tip: Grab a tray or a pretty set of coasters to place on your marble coffee table to keep it looking beautiful for longer! Also, have your table periodically resealed to retain the shine and help protect it from future stains.

Nomad Design Tip: If you end up doing a small marble accent table be sure to add another marble element somewhere else in the space. Look for a marble tray or object that you could put out on your coffee table or mantel. This adds some more interest in the space and makes your design decision feel intentional- not random!



15 Grasscloths for Every Budget!

Wondering how to add some texture to a space or add some personality to your powder bath? Grasscloth may just be the answer. Here at HON we are still obsessing over the wallpaper trend with the bold patterns and colors but we understand that it's not for everyone. So for all you grasscloth lovers out there this list is for you!

We have gathered 15 grasscloths in a variety of styles and price ranges that can transform your space in a day or two. Some of the most interesting ones we think are the grasscloth wallpapers with rich texture and printed patterns! 

Tip: This may not be the best one to hang for a first timer.... The glue that is required to paste your wallpaper will easily stain your grasscloth, so if you are one of the kids that did not color in between the lines (like Berk and I) this project is not for you. Also, due to the thickness of the grasscloth it is a challenge to cut off the excess where it meets the ceiling and the baseboard or chair rail is. Don't let this scare you- just hire a PRO ;) 

Nomad Design Tip: Grasscloth is a great way to add some warmth and texture to a space. It also adds a custom feel to your home that is uniquely you- so we are all for it! Some of our favorite spaces for grasscloth are offices, small studies and powder baths. (stay away from bathrooms with showers- this stuff does not like humidity). If you are wanting todo an accent wall we suggest you use one of the options with a pattern! When taking a design risk it is all about commitment... be sure to bring in a similar pattern/texture elsewhere in the space (pillows, decor, rug) to help bring the space together!