Power Couples!

This week we are taking a look at our favorite "power couples!" We love a dynamic duo and that applies to furniture as well. Nesting tables- sets of table lamps- interesting bookends- a set of boxes...you get the idea! The power of two in a room is clear- it helps to add balance and harmony into your space. We are not saying that everything has to be "matchy matchy"- but if your side tables are not the same think about doing a pair of table lamps that match! This will help keep the space feeling less busy and tie everything together. 

We have gathered our favorite duos below! Click on the image to find out where to purchase and be sure to let us know your favorites!

We love lamp.

Anchorman references aside... we really DO love lamps. We especially love them in spaces where we need to add a little height and warmth. What do we mean by that? A lot of newer homes have ceiling heights of 9'-10', although this makes the spaces feel large and airy, it can also make the furniture in it look squatty and the room feel cold.

Have no fear guys... the answer is simple and comes in all different price ranges! The power of two beautiful floor lamps behind a sofa (add a console in between and we are in business) or task lighting by an accent chair will help add some height to the space and add the warmth we need to make the space feel super inviting and cozy. 

Look no further that the ones we have found for you below! Let us know your favorites in the comments and click the images below for purchase!

Cool & Coastal Favorites

We love the beach… and we also happen to love designing beach houses. Unfortunately, “coastal” can go wrong fast. Sea horses, crab pictures and signs that say, “Life’s a Beach,” can quickly turn your vacation home into Joe’s Crab Shack. Now other than enjoying the crab legs and tie-dye tees I don’t think that is the look we want to go for when we have a special place to relax and getaway!

We just got our eyes on Currey & Company’s new line of ‘Cool & Coastal’ lighting, furniture and accessories. We were inspired and think they are doing coastal just right! The use of rattan, organic materials, glass and blue tones will help turn any crab shack into the vacation home of your dreams!

Here are our favorites from their new line!