Magic Carpets

Here at HON we do have favorites when it comes to the design process! We absolutely LOVE picking out rugs for our clients. Time and time again we are reminded how important it is in order to bring the entire space together. It always helps ground the space and adds interest to the overall look.

We love to keep a nice neutral palette and then have some FUN with rugs and textiles. They add so much warmth and texture that it is hard sometimes for us to picture a room without one! If a large rug scares you for either price or cleanability try out a runner here or there. Or look for the amazing selection of indoor/outdoor rugs that are out there now!

Our rug designers are always adding new beautiful creations to their line so it was hard to select just a few to share! These rugs really are magic!

Click on the images below to find out who designs it and where to purchase! 

Natural Rugs 101

Are you looking to add more texture to your space? Create a more organic feel to your home? Or maybe you need a rug that is natural enough to work with your existing furniture but is not a snooze fest? You are all in luck! Here at HON we are obsessed with natural rugs... What do we mean by natural? Any rug that is made from a natural fiber i.e. seagrass, bamboo, jute, sisal!

We love to use these versatile rugs in our designs and even in our own homes... think durability and a chic look all rolled into one. But what about cleaning these natural beauties?

Here are our tips:

Sisal Rugs: The first thing to know is that you do not want to get the rug anymore wet... even though these guys are super durable they do not want to get wet. It can cause shrinkage and/or a mildew scent. Blot the spot and remove any food etc. from it first and then use a natural solvent to mist on the spot. Here is a link with the solvent options (most involve vinegar or a gentle dish soap and water).

Jute Rugs: 

  1.  Dab with a white cloth dampened with club soda to neutralize the spill and remove any possible stain.
  2. Let dry. Many times the stain disappears. If not, try cleaning with a cloth dampened with mild soap, or use our Sisal Life Cleaner. Dry immediately with a hairdryer or fan.
  3. Host Dry Cleaner Kit Method – you can also use the Host Dry Cleaner to spot clean. Shake HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner onto the spill until covered.

The great thing is the Host Dry Cleaner Kit Method works on most of the natural rugs from jute to seagrass! 

We have a few favorite rugs and go-to sources that we love and want to share those with you guys! Below you will find some beautiful natural rug options... click on the images to find where to purchase.