Finding Your Style

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More often than not, when couples sit down in our studio for a design consultation — we quickly discover they have different styles. And most often, their design styles aren’t just distinct but they are opposite, like a West-Coast Cali-vibe lover married to someone set on Southern charm. 

But we love this. It’s always a fun design challenge to not just create a cohesive design but one that reflects dual personalities. We start by finding the common denominator — what’s something they both love and agree on? And then, we find what they are each drawn to and how we can incorporate must-have aspects from both clients.

This design process means we get to know the clients really well, which we love, and we do so by taking them through a number of exercises. Pinterest is where we start, showing them galleries of images based on what spaces we’re designing. We watch for what they are each drawn to — and what they are not drawn to. This helps establish patterns for each person and we can find where they intersect. Almost always a color emerges that they both love. We also show them examples of our previous work and ask them what they like — and what they don’t. Is this kitchen way to modern? Dining space too traditional? 

Once we start to find their style — we start the compromise game. We may have discovered they both love blue, for example, so the designs reflect that vibe as the foundation. If he’s set on a leather couch with modern wood accents, maybe we jump for that piece but then soften the design with textiles and pillows that reflect her personality. 

Another trick we’ve found so unifying for most couples is to include an unexpected element in the design. If it’s a one-of-a-kind light fixture — for example — often both clients are thrilled and drawn to it, and bond over that being in their space.

Check out this dining space, as an example (shown above)! During the design presentation, immediately they both intrigued by this light fixture. The layered glass was unique and they both loved that they’d never seen it before. As for the rest of the space, we touched on his style with the modern, streamline table and chairs. We also incorporated a wallpaper that she loved, making the space welcoming and a room that reflects them both.

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Across CLT, we designed another dining space (shown above and below) where he was drawn to a textured light fixture and she — a bold wall color. He compromised on the bright paint for her, and she went for the light fixture and a rug he liked. The space sings to both of their styles.

For the design of Kell’s house in NoDA, Kell and her husband Brad (who designs furniture!) worked together to create cohesive spaces. While Kell is drawn to modern and eclectic, if it was up to Brad — everything would have a mid-century modern vibe.

They worked together in this dining space with chairs that have a nod to mid-century with the caps — but then incorporate Kell’s personality with the hide and curved bucket seats. They both loved the light fixture and across the space, incorporated a mid-century piece from Atomic Furnishings in Asheville.

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Their bedroom also reflects a unified design with them both loving the moody feel of the deep-toned walls. Off this vibe, the duo picked a mid-century piece that Brad had his eyes on with Kell’s pick: a velvet headboard and textiles that reflect her eclectic eye. It’s a pure mix of them both.

Happy Valentine’s Eve! And cheers to all the couples who have pushed our designs to the next level with your distinct personalities and love for your homes!

HON's Full Service Design Process

At House of Nomad we believe in making the design process approachable with results that are authentic to our client’s personalities and lifestyle — and most of all, we keep design fun. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes into House of Nomad’s full service design process. As an example, we’re pulling from a Dilworth cottage that we designed last summer. The clients asked for a refresh for their entryway, front living space and adjoining dining room. We hope this start to finish guide is a fun glimpse into this process and what it looks like for us and our clients!

STEP 1: Initial consultation

Once a client makes the initial contact, we set aside 1.5 to 2 hours to meet in person, talk about goals and get to understand their style. We see the space, take full measurements and photos and discuss their budget. Here’s shots of the Dilworth space the first time we walked through our client’s doors.

STEP 2: Design Time

Back in the studio after the consultation, we pull everything into a proposal to kickoff our design time. Our design time includes pulling together a design tray with swatches of paint, samples of fabric and finishes that we bring to the clients. Here you see leather and wood finishes for our Dilworth cottage project — sofa/chair choices, a wallpaper swatch, a rug sample and a textile option. Depending on number of rooms and project size, our team also creates a paint plan, 3-D renderings and space plans. This process typically takes 2 to 3 weeks.

STEP 3: Presentation

All of our full-service design presentations are done in person, where we review space plans and 3D renderings of our mutual vision of the space. Here’s the space plan and mood board from the Dilworth cottage project, which we reviewed with the clients along with their full presentation of paint, furniture, rug and decor options.

While this Dilworth project didn’t require 3D renderings, here’s an example of what that looks like for a recent Plaza Midwood client!

STEP 4: Project Managment

After the client approves the items on the presentation, HON sends over an invoice. Once paid, all orders are placed by our project manager who tracks them on a weekly basis giving clients updates on the status of each item. Once we nail down anticipated delivery dates, we gear up for our favorite day: INSTALL day!


STEP 5: Delivery & Install Day

Install day is the climax of every detail and vision and conversation, where the client’s vision and all our details come to life! House of Nomad installs are typically done in one day, but at times (due to project size and item availability) are completed in two separate installs. We show up with our delivery team first thing in the morning and our installer gets to work doing everything from hanging drapery and light fixtures to assembling furniture and hanging chairs. Our delivery team places each rug and piece of furniture — and we come with our clipboard and install bag ready to go, prepped for all the details!

Here’s some favorites from the install day at the Dilworth cottage!

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 6.19.21 AM.png

6. Styling

Per request from our clients, we love to finish a project with styling. For styling, we pull from our inventory of items sourced all over the world and hand-select finishing touches for your space. We set aside an hour to two of design time to come in person and complete the space with potted plants and decor.


7. Photoshoot

For an average project, from the time we begin a consultation to a completed space the time frame is 8-12 weeks — depending on the goals (painting/etc.). The last step for some projects is a photo shoot of the final spaces. And we were so excited that this Dilworth project was picked up by Rue Magazine! Follow the link for more images from this beautiful home. All final photos by Laura Sumrak.

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Studio Move in Day!

We are thrilled to announce that today we’ve set up shop in an Atherton Mill studio in South End! Keys in hand, we’re moving in.

To date, all our best design work has been done in our home studios — or most days, with a coffee in hand at our favorite Queen City coffee shops in between client meetings and installs. We’ve loved the local, small business rhythm this has given our days but have long dreamt of a space that allows us to center our creativity, provide a client experience that’s consistent with our brand and showcase some of our favorite design trends.

Not to mention, we love South End and Atherton Mill provides the perfect vibe and a dreamy space. It’s airy and modern and big enough to house inventory from our travels to showcase. While we just got the space today, we have big plans for a sample wall featuring our top vendors and go to vendors. The wall means clients will have an interactive component with the design presentation we couldn’t provide before, letting them touch and feel and see our favorite furniture lines, textiles and more.

This space will be a working studio for us both, giving us an established creative space where we can go and design — as well as collaborate with our growing team. In the last month,  we’ve added three part-time hires to our team. We’ve added an expert project manager, overseeing project details once our designs are in place, a PR manager handling our communications and social media, and a fabulous summer design intern handling all the happy details in between.

Plans are in the works to deck out the space in our dream designs, taking some risks with colors, wallpaper and pattern — anything we’ve been obsessed with for awhile. And, of course, we’ll incorporate findings from our trips — Mexico, Thailand and soon — Morocco.

Speaking of Morocco, we head there in mid October and plan to have a launch party for the space when we get back. Complete with cake and some bubbly and lots of exotic rugs and Moroccan finds. Expect that as well as trunk shows and parties and lots of fun in this space.

Come on by and see us — and don't mind the construction outside our front door. We’re the ones laughing and dreaming with the door wide open and Berkeley’s friendly pup Shelby waiting by the door. You’ll find us at 2108 South Boulevard, Unit 115, and as always, watch for party and trunk show details at @houseofnomaddesign on instagram.

Atlanta Home Market 2018

Last weekend we were in ATL for their home furnishings market! It was the first time for us to visit this market and we just LOVED what we saw. It was a great way to see what trends and designs we will be seeing in 2018 and gave us a ton of inspiration and ideas for our current clients.

We have gathered some of our favorite pictures from market below. We saw a lot of raw and natural materials, tons of custom options (even custom fabric drum lights), lots of lucite, still lots of brass and some definite nods to Havana and Bali island life. 

Let us know your favorites!

New Year New Space

What is it about a before & after that is just so amazing and inspiring to see?? We think that this a perfect time to show you some of our favorite before & after photos that we have found! Southern Living Magazine did a great round up of several before and after images from several different designers. Do you have a project that you and your family have always TALKED about doing but just can't seem to get the wheels in motion? Or maybe it just feels a little overwhelming? Enter House of Nomad! We would love to come in and help. A lot of times these projects are done in phases so it does not have to be scary! It is all about taking that 1st step and starting the project in an ORGANIZED and educated way. 

We see time and time again client's have a space that is underutilized and that with a new direction could really change the way that they live in their home! Maybe you would really love a quiet space or reading nook? Maybe the traffic flow from the front of the house is all out of whack and with the addition of a mudroom or even a bench/storage piece could help transform this space! 

So with the New Year here take time to look around your home and as yourself some questions... is there something in my home that bothers or frustrates me everyday? Could we be utilizing our spaces differently? How do you feel in each space of your home? Take notes and see where we could make adjustments, it could just be as simple as paint and some more house plants! Take a look at the Before & After's we found and let this be the push you need to tackle one of those projects you have always "just talked" about.