Offices you WANT to work in!

We have both been working hard creating a beautiful work space for ourselves that is inspiring and fun to work in! It can be hard working from your home so it is so important to create the right atmosphere where you can stay focused and not get too distracted... as you may now we are easily distracted. 

Things to keep in mind is what type of space are you drawn to normally? Do you like to be around lots of color to help energize you or do you need something more soothing and relaxing? I guess this also depends on your job :) Another thing is the lighting... we love the idea of adding a really fun light fixture in your office. This not only helps from a lighting perspective but it will add some personality to the space and make it feel more special. Another way to add color and vibrancy is with artwork and a rug! We love looking on etsy for both art and for rugs... there are so many  amazing color-washed and vintage rugs on there! 

These are our favorite offices that we have found from some of our favorite blogs and websites! Domino, My Domanine, and of course Pinterest


Sherwin-Williams Color Pick 2018: Oceanside

We cannot say we were surprised when we saw the color pick for 2018 from Sherwin Williams. I am noticing more and more that people are not afraid of using color. I still love a beautiful neutral palette and even have a few white walls of my own but nothing adds more vibrancy and energy to a room than a coat of bold paint! They say that this color is the color of "wanderlust;" "Inspired by travel, the blue-green hue will add an air of mystery and elegance to any space."

All I have to say is sign me up!

Berkeley and I took the plunge with a bold color in our office and it totally paid off! The vibrant teal walls keep us energized and happy! By keeping everything else super clean and neutral (white desks, wood chairs, white cabinet) it doesn't feel too busy or distracting. God knows we are easily distracted so that would have never worked. haha

But back to the Oceanside color from SW... you may be thinking how do I incorporate such a bold color when currently I have nothing teal or this bold in my house? Don't think you have to paint your entire living room teal (actually I may advise against it all together). Think smaller spaces (a study, music room or office), your guest or powder bathroom, behind your builtins to add a pop, or a door! Once you have chosen where the paint is going be sure to pull the color in again somewhere else in the house... either through art or textiles. This will really help make your decision feel intentional and not random. 

Find some pictures below for inspiration! Gray is great and all but I think it is time to take a little risk and embrace your inner wanderlust... I promise it will pay off :) 


We love lamp.

Anchorman references aside... we really DO love lamps. We especially love them in spaces where we need to add a little height and warmth. What do we mean by that? A lot of newer homes have ceiling heights of 9'-10', although this makes the spaces feel large and airy, it can also make the furniture in it look squatty and the room feel cold.

Have no fear guys... the answer is simple and comes in all different price ranges! The power of two beautiful floor lamps behind a sofa (add a console in between and we are in business) or task lighting by an accent chair will help add some height to the space and add the warmth we need to make the space feel super inviting and cozy. 

Look no further that the ones we have found for you below! Let us know your favorites in the comments and click the images below for purchase!

Asian Inspiration

As many of you know I spent four crazy and fabulous years of my life living abroad in Shanghai with my husband, Brad. The first year was such an adjustment (maybe an understatement) but by the end it had become home to us. We had fabulous apartment in the French Concession that had so much character and history I wasn't even fazed by the five story walkup. 

Moving back was harder than I anticipated but I finally have set down some roots and feel very happy and inspired in Charlotte. The reason I am going down memory lane here is because I am about to go BACK to Shanghai this Saturday! There is a furniture fair there once a year and this year I will be attending with B (he helps run a furniture company- Fresh Industries

I have lists and lists of things that I need to see and EAT while I am there but I am particularly excited to see Tianzifang. This is one of the art districts in Shanghai that is just ally after ally of amazing shops, cafes and art galleries! We are in the process of moving into a new home in NODA so the timing could not be more perfect. One of the best pottery stores there is called Spin- this is one of those places where you walk in and you actually just want to live inside the store. They don't even have any furniture in it but it just conjures up these feelings and you want to stay awhile. I will for sure be taking tons of videos etc. while I am there so be sure to follow us on Insta! @houseofnomaddesign

With my mind already in Shanghai I decided to showcase some of my favorite Asian inspired pieces of furniture, art, and accessories. Let us know your favorites!

Zai jian 再见  for now!