Offices you WANT to work in!

We have both been working hard creating a beautiful work space for ourselves that is inspiring and fun to work in! It can be hard working from your home so it is so important to create the right atmosphere where you can stay focused and not get too distracted... as you may now we are easily distracted. 

Things to keep in mind is what type of space are you drawn to normally? Do you like to be around lots of color to help energize you or do you need something more soothing and relaxing? I guess this also depends on your job :) Another thing is the lighting... we love the idea of adding a really fun light fixture in your office. This not only helps from a lighting perspective but it will add some personality to the space and make it feel more special. Another way to add color and vibrancy is with artwork and a rug! We love looking on etsy for both art and for rugs... there are so many  amazing color-washed and vintage rugs on there! 

These are our favorite offices that we have found from some of our favorite blogs and websites! Domino, My Domanine, and of course Pinterest


Kell's Crafty Christmas

So a few years ago I started dipping my toes into this "crafty Christmas" idea. I felt like it was harder and harder to find time to run all over town (always a few days before the big holiday) and get these oh so special gifts for each person. Normally if I am traveling around I may see something that really reminds me of someone so I buy it and give it to them then! But all of a sudden the holidays are here and I start drawing blanks on what to get people! If you are like me and have not tried a crafty christmas you should. 

I am no Martha but I do like to come up with fun ideas on what my friends and family would like and start thinking of ways that I could create something myself. I took many a studio art class in college so it is so fun to tap back into using my hands to create something interesting and unique. 

This year I am making Shibori napkins and hand towels! Brad and I had an amazing time in Japan and I was just dying over the textiles there. Lets just say my suitcase was NOT big enough. So I thought this is a way to share that experience with our friends and family and I will get a fun set of napkins for the holidays in the process :) 

Here is the link on how todo it on design sponge! My all time FAVORITE site for all things design! Follow us on Insta to see the process and wish me luck with this years "crafty Christmas." 

Magic Carpets

Here at HON we do have favorites when it comes to the design process! We absolutely LOVE picking out rugs for our clients. Time and time again we are reminded how important it is in order to bring the entire space together. It always helps ground the space and adds interest to the overall look.

We love to keep a nice neutral palette and then have some FUN with rugs and textiles. They add so much warmth and texture that it is hard sometimes for us to picture a room without one! If a large rug scares you for either price or cleanability try out a runner here or there. Or look for the amazing selection of indoor/outdoor rugs that are out there now!

Our rug designers are always adding new beautiful creations to their line so it was hard to select just a few to share! These rugs really are magic!

Click on the images below to find out who designs it and where to purchase! 

A very HON Holiday!

We love how the holidays entice all of the senses. The colors, the textures and the smells of the holidays are intoxicating! We love bringing natural and whimsical elements into our homes during this time of year. It allows you to be totally absorbed in the cheer and we believe less stressed if you can decorate your home in a HON way :) 

So for some HON tips: LESS fake more REAL! We would rather have just a few focal points in the home with holiday cheer with real tree trimmings, berries, eucalyptus rosemary than an entire house with plastic greenery. Who needs holiday scented candles when your decor can do the work! 

Table scape: Stick to 2-3 colors max for your table scape. Great combos would be: white & gold, green & white, white & red, white & gray or silver & green. Take those tree trimmings and gather them with some white pillar candles with different heights and we are slowly on our way to a beautiful and simple table scape. Another great option is to take one of your favorite decorative large bowls and fill with glass ornaments that you have filled with either small tree trimmings, berries, eucalyptus or small succulents.  

Decor Ideas: We love the look of hanging a wreath against a leaner mirror or larger mirror in your home. It will act as a nice focal point and add lots of texture to your space! It is also really fun to pick a small theme for your decor, maybe you traveled somewhere fun this year and want to bring some of those colors or influences in? Or you and your family LOVE holiday candies or animals and can look for decor or items you have that go with that theme!

Mantel Ideas: We love the idea of mixing old with new- we found some awesome vintage nutcrackers on Etsy and mixing those with some new modern ones like these from CB2 would be super cool. Add in some of our favorite small twinkle lights wrapped around the bottom and you have a very cool holiday mantel! We are also loving this years white fuzzy and furry stockings! This added texture will make the room feel extra cozy and won't clash with the rest of your decor. 

Front Door: We are loving this pom pom trend this year that we are seeing! Check out Etsy or CB2 for some great looking and unique wreaths! 

Tree: Similar to your table scape and home decor try to continue your theme or color palette your tree! If you love a lot of colorful and vintage ornaments that totally works, try to add a white pom pom or white ball felted strings around the tree to bring everything together and help break up some of the color! We love these vintage inspired ornaments from Anthropologie this year!

Check out all the goodies we have found for you and your home this holiday season with some amazing images for inspiration! 

Happy Holidays!

Love- Kell & Berk 

Power Couples!

This week we are taking a look at our favorite "power couples!" We love a dynamic duo and that applies to furniture as well. Nesting tables- sets of table lamps- interesting bookends- a set of get the idea! The power of two in a room is clear- it helps to add balance and harmony into your space. We are not saying that everything has to be "matchy matchy"- but if your side tables are not the same think about doing a pair of table lamps that match! This will help keep the space feeling less busy and tie everything together. 

We have gathered our favorite duos below! Click on the image to find out where to purchase and be sure to let us know your favorites!