Kell's Crafty Christmas

So a few years ago I started dipping my toes into this "crafty Christmas" idea. I felt like it was harder and harder to find time to run all over town (always a few days before the big holiday) and get these oh so special gifts for each person. Normally if I am traveling around I may see something that really reminds me of someone so I buy it and give it to them then! But all of a sudden the holidays are here and I start drawing blanks on what to get people! If you are like me and have not tried a crafty christmas you should. 

I am no Martha but I do like to come up with fun ideas on what my friends and family would like and start thinking of ways that I could create something myself. I took many a studio art class in college so it is so fun to tap back into using my hands to create something interesting and unique. 

This year I am making Shibori napkins and hand towels! Brad and I had an amazing time in Japan and I was just dying over the textiles there. Lets just say my suitcase was NOT big enough. So I thought this is a way to share that experience with our friends and family and I will get a fun set of napkins for the holidays in the process :) 

Here is the link on how todo it on design sponge! My all time FAVORITE site for all things design! Follow us on Insta to see the process and wish me luck with this years "crafty Christmas."