New Year New Space

What is it about a before & after that is just so amazing and inspiring to see?? We think that this a perfect time to show you some of our favorite before & after photos that we have found! Southern Living Magazine did a great round up of several before and after images from several different designers. Do you have a project that you and your family have always TALKED about doing but just can't seem to get the wheels in motion? Or maybe it just feels a little overwhelming? Enter House of Nomad! We would love to come in and help. A lot of times these projects are done in phases so it does not have to be scary! It is all about taking that 1st step and starting the project in an ORGANIZED and educated way. 

We see time and time again client's have a space that is underutilized and that with a new direction could really change the way that they live in their home! Maybe you would really love a quiet space or reading nook? Maybe the traffic flow from the front of the house is all out of whack and with the addition of a mudroom or even a bench/storage piece could help transform this space! 

So with the New Year here take time to look around your home and as yourself some questions... is there something in my home that bothers or frustrates me everyday? Could we be utilizing our spaces differently? How do you feel in each space of your home? Take notes and see where we could make adjustments, it could just be as simple as paint and some more house plants! Take a look at the Before & After's we found and let this be the push you need to tackle one of those projects you have always "just talked" about. 


Fall High Point Market Trends!

We had so much fun at market this year! Berkeley and I walked over 15 miles (yes I checked my health tracker) this weekend checking out new designers and all the amazing showrooms in High Point. This year was extra special for us because we were able to met so many of the designers and reps that we have been working with as we have grown HON. 

On to the fun stuff! All we do is take pictures of things that inspire us and make us stop in our tracks... we may have a client in mind or it will be something that we look back to for inspiration for someone new. This market some of the trends that we noticed were tons of natural elements (marble, rattan, organic cottons) , lots of modern and contemporary furniture (mid-century modern is here stay), and incredible lighting. Designers are really pushing the boundaries when it comes to light fixtures and we are totally on board! 

Something else we took note of is the amount of companies and designers focusing sustainability and on manufacturing in the States. We are hoping this is not a trend but something that will be here to stay. 

I have gathered some of our photos from market to give you an idea of what we saw and how you could incorporate them into your own home. 

Sherwin-Williams Color Pick 2018: Oceanside

We cannot say we were surprised when we saw the color pick for 2018 from Sherwin Williams. I am noticing more and more that people are not afraid of using color. I still love a beautiful neutral palette and even have a few white walls of my own but nothing adds more vibrancy and energy to a room than a coat of bold paint! They say that this color is the color of "wanderlust;" "Inspired by travel, the blue-green hue will add an air of mystery and elegance to any space."

All I have to say is sign me up!

Berkeley and I took the plunge with a bold color in our office and it totally paid off! The vibrant teal walls keep us energized and happy! By keeping everything else super clean and neutral (white desks, wood chairs, white cabinet) it doesn't feel too busy or distracting. God knows we are easily distracted so that would have never worked. haha

But back to the Oceanside color from SW... you may be thinking how do I incorporate such a bold color when currently I have nothing teal or this bold in my house? Don't think you have to paint your entire living room teal (actually I may advise against it all together). Think smaller spaces (a study, music room or office), your guest or powder bathroom, behind your builtins to add a pop, or a door! Once you have chosen where the paint is going be sure to pull the color in again somewhere else in the house... either through art or textiles. This will really help make your decision feel intentional and not random. 

Find some pictures below for inspiration! Gray is great and all but I think it is time to take a little risk and embrace your inner wanderlust... I promise it will pay off :) 


TRENDING: Multi-Purpose Coffee Tables

Not everyone has a huge space to work with when designing a new living room. Trending now are multi-purpose coffee tables and ottomans that act as storage pieces, tables and organizers for all your organizing needs! The best part is that these coffee tables are still beautiful to look at so there is no sacrifice on form with the function of these tables.  One of them even opens out to reveal a twin bed- perfect for those last minute guests! 

(Finally we can hide those 3 remotes that we need to turn on our tv’s and stream cable)

Click on the images below to find out where to purchase these functional beauties and let us know your favorites in the moments!

The Power of a Console

We all have that space in our home where we think.. “something is missing.” Or it feels a little empty and lacking personality! Before deciding to FILL it with a large and heavy looking piece of furniture look into doing a console with a beautiful mirror or piece of artwork above!

They come in an array of sizes, styles, colors and price points so we wanted to show you some of our favorites and be sure to check out our instagram @houseofnomaddesign to see examples of console styling done just right!

Due to the skinnier depth of these pieces it will still keep a nice flow throughout your home and will help to anchor a mirror or piece of art. Click on the images to be taken to the site for more details on where to purchase!

 Be sure to leave us comments on your personal favorites.