19 Transforming Pieces of Hardware

We believe that NEW isn't always better- especially when it comes to unique pieces of furniture that you have either found or inherited. A HON rule (that we try to adhere to) is always to have one vintage piece in each space! Even if thats a small rug or vintage frame used to frame a new print or painting you have. The point is to have a little history in each room- otherwise our spaces can feel cold (and out comes the dramatic side of me... soulless). 

So lets say you get this pretty cool dresser or side table but it feels to dated to go with the rest of your space. This is a pretty easy fix and doesn't have to break the bank! The solution is switching out the hardware! They make amazing knobs and pulls with all kinds of personality and finishes these days so we gathered some of our favorites! 

If you also need your piece to be refinished/painted check out Reinvented Charlotte on Dewitt Lane, they specialize in this kind of thing and are damn good at it!

So here are our picks for updating your hardware- most of these would be amazing in a kitchen or bath too! When selecting think about how you want your piece of furniture to be transformed... does it need a big modern push? Look for lucite pulls or a really sleek antique brass pull/knob. If the piece needs to go more transitional look for more classic shaped hardware or ones set with stones, like the ones from local artisan Addison Weeks