HON House Tour: Inviting Modern in South Charlotte


House of Nomad is lucky to have the loveliest clients — and this design project was no exception! A stylish South Charlotte couple with two young daughters, this family came to us asking us for a space refresh on their formal living room, kitchen, dining and casual living space. They wanted lighter, airier spaces to hang out in as a family and weren’t sure where to start.


A favorite part of our design process is helping clients to create a home that’s a true reflection of who they are — spaces they feel at ease, want to make memories in and invite others into. With these clients, we felt like the uniform beige-on-beige feel of their home didn’t reflect the warm family vibe we got from spending time with the clients.


To create a happier space for them, we started by replacing the overall brown tones by painting the walls a fresh, light gray paint color throughout the downstairs. Previously, the clients had several large pieces of furniture (including a large dining table and a dark sectional) that were also making the space a bit crowded, so we made selections of sofas and chairs with smaller profiles that made the floorplan flow.

The dining space is a House of Nomad favorite! Their large dining table was replaced with this round option to provide better traffic flow — and paired with these chic upholstered chairs, basket light fixture and a space flooded with natural light — it’s so welcoming!


The kitchen was a huge transformation, from black cabinets and beige backsplash to this bright and modern cooking space — our clients were thrilled! We love the black and white tile paired with the rattan barstools, which mixes up the space and adds personality.


An important part of the design process is incorporating items that are of meaning to the clients into the final product. In the formal living space, the clients asked for help styling their built-ins. To create the feel they wanted, we talked through what was important to them, minimized their decor down to their favorite items and added in some plants and baskets. To pull the space together, we added a fun wallpaper behind the shelves. Going with a gray, textured wallpaper, the shelves now have dimension and interest — and the colorful items pop!


We’re in love with these clients, their spaces and love designing houses across CLT where clients feel truly at home! For daily design inspo, follow along on our Instagram or head over to our shop to grab some fun decor from our sourcing trips.

All photos by the talented Laura Sumrak.

HON House Tour: Americana Funk in Myers Park


HON’s clients, Matt and Scottie Akins, are Charlotte natives who returned to the Queen City after having their first child in Jackson Hole, Wyoming — and purchased a home next door to HON’s Berkeley Minkhorst! Their 40s Myers Park home has integral history and charm but after numerous additions, they were left with a funky flow downstairs and came to HON to rework the design of the space.

HON’s goal was to take some of the Americana style the duo both loves, funk it up a bit and bridge the vibe to the rest of the rooms in their downstairs. HON created an entry point with industrial shelving to work as a catch-all for their family of four.

With now two young children in tow, HON’s living room design is family friendly with slipcovered swivels (a breeze to clean), a coffee table with a removable top for storage — and personalized baskets (one for each family member) that brings a little style and organization to their lives. A design favorite from this space is the vintage overdyed rug — a gorgeous, soft color palette.

The overall highlight of this design for HON is the graphic Cle tile in the bar area. A blank wall turned modern bar area pulls the modern design from the front door to the kitchen nook.

Matt and Scottie love to travel and requested incorporating HON travel finds from their space, which included black-and-white pottery from Fes, Morocco, and custom mudcloth pillows made in Marrakech in their kitchen banquette nook.

Matt and Scottie love to travel and requested incorporating HON travel finds from their space, which included black-and-white pottery from Fes, Morocco, and custom mudcloth pillows made in Marrakech in their kitchen banquette nook.

Not only were these clients fun to work with and neighbors of Berkeley — but HON is attached to this house because it was the former home of HON’s very first clients!


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HON House Tour: Dilworth Bungalow Bar


Five years ago, House of Nomad clients (Sydney and Kendall) purchased a bungalow in Dilworth and recently asked for help with their living room and bar space design. The goal was to maximize seating and create a cohesive design for a dual purpose: entertaining and family nights. Both medical professionals (one in anesthesiology school and the other a pediatric resident director), their family dynamic is lighthearted, with lots of laughter and conversation, and they have an open door policy — whether it’s their kids and their friends or colleagues and neighbors, they love entertaining.

In the bar area, Berk and Kell played on the existing navy walls making it feel even more intimate by incorporating the textured rug and velvet drapery. Then, the duo layered other elements through framed textiles, mudcloth pillows and a pop of brass. As finishing touches, Kendall’s collection of vintage barware were incorporated — coop glasses and a shot dispenser from the 1920s. A loveseat was added as well as cocktail table to maximize seating so there was more than enough room for friends. 

“We have three kids from a previous marriage and our own daughter and we host family dinner every week,” says Kendall. “During the week when we have family nights, we love doing movie nights — and we do game nights in the bar area so we needed more seating there.”

To add more seating, their previous sofa was replaced with a navy sectional with a low profile that expanded the feel of the space. Textures were incorporated throughout design — from a hide rug and a Moroccan throw, to stone elements with the marble nesting tables and wood in the hanging tobacco baskets (an ode to NC). The artistic feature of the space is a rustic wood and marble fireplace crafted from wood that was sourced from a plantation owned by a Civil War general in South Carolina. Berk and Kell kept their 14-month old daughter in mind, staying away from harsh corners with the layered, marble nesting tables with round edges. 

Their home feels relaxed, intimate and welcoming and House of Nomad’s in love with this space. This was a fulfilling project for House of Nomad, crafting designs and floor plans to represent the unique personalities of these clients — a space they love coming home to and welcoming their friends into. 

“Because of Sydney’s work, pediatric residents will be in the area and constantly drop by and I love to do bourbon tastings for anyone who likes bourbon. We have kegerator and keep two local beers on tap at all time. Not only are we are supporting local breweries but for out of town friends, we get to give then a little tasting of the great Charlotte brewery scene,” Kendall says.

A bourbon aficionado, Kendall’s most recent feat is trying her hand at smoking cocktails. Her most recent drink is an old fashioned crafted with rosemary and burning an orange peel, which she says brings out more of the flavor of the bourbon.


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