New Year New Space

What is it about a before & after that is just so amazing and inspiring to see?? We think that this a perfect time to show you some of our favorite before & after photos that we have found! Southern Living Magazine did a great round up of several before and after images from several different designers. Do you have a project that you and your family have always TALKED about doing but just can't seem to get the wheels in motion? Or maybe it just feels a little overwhelming? Enter House of Nomad! We would love to come in and help. A lot of times these projects are done in phases so it does not have to be scary! It is all about taking that 1st step and starting the project in an ORGANIZED and educated way. 

We see time and time again client's have a space that is underutilized and that with a new direction could really change the way that they live in their home! Maybe you would really love a quiet space or reading nook? Maybe the traffic flow from the front of the house is all out of whack and with the addition of a mudroom or even a bench/storage piece could help transform this space! 

So with the New Year here take time to look around your home and as yourself some questions... is there something in my home that bothers or frustrates me everyday? Could we be utilizing our spaces differently? How do you feel in each space of your home? Take notes and see where we could make adjustments, it could just be as simple as paint and some more house plants! Take a look at the Before & After's we found and let this be the push you need to tackle one of those projects you have always "just talked" about. 


Offices you WANT to work in!

We have both been working hard creating a beautiful work space for ourselves that is inspiring and fun to work in! It can be hard working from your home so it is so important to create the right atmosphere where you can stay focused and not get too distracted... as you may now we are easily distracted. 

Things to keep in mind is what type of space are you drawn to normally? Do you like to be around lots of color to help energize you or do you need something more soothing and relaxing? I guess this also depends on your job :) Another thing is the lighting... we love the idea of adding a really fun light fixture in your office. This not only helps from a lighting perspective but it will add some personality to the space and make it feel more special. Another way to add color and vibrancy is with artwork and a rug! We love looking on etsy for both art and for rugs... there are so many  amazing color-washed and vintage rugs on there! 

These are our favorite offices that we have found from some of our favorite blogs and websites! Domino, My Domanine, and of course Pinterest


Natural Rugs 101

Are you looking to add more texture to your space? Create a more organic feel to your home? Or maybe you need a rug that is natural enough to work with your existing furniture but is not a snooze fest? You are all in luck! Here at HON we are obsessed with natural rugs... What do we mean by natural? Any rug that is made from a natural fiber i.e. seagrass, bamboo, jute, sisal!

We love to use these versatile rugs in our designs and even in our own homes... think durability and a chic look all rolled into one. But what about cleaning these natural beauties?

Here are our tips:

Sisal Rugs: The first thing to know is that you do not want to get the rug anymore wet... even though these guys are super durable they do not want to get wet. It can cause shrinkage and/or a mildew scent. Blot the spot and remove any food etc. from it first and then use a natural solvent to mist on the spot. Here is a link with the solvent options (most involve vinegar or a gentle dish soap and water).

Jute Rugs: 

  1.  Dab with a white cloth dampened with club soda to neutralize the spill and remove any possible stain.
  2. Let dry. Many times the stain disappears. If not, try cleaning with a cloth dampened with mild soap, or use our Sisal Life Cleaner. Dry immediately with a hairdryer or fan.
  3. Host Dry Cleaner Kit Method – you can also use the Host Dry Cleaner to spot clean. Shake HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner onto the spill until covered.

The great thing is the Host Dry Cleaner Kit Method works on most of the natural rugs from jute to seagrass! 

We have a few favorite rugs and go-to sources that we love and want to share those with you guys! Below you will find some beautiful natural rug options... click on the images to find where to purchase. 

We love lamp.

Anchorman references aside... we really DO love lamps. We especially love them in spaces where we need to add a little height and warmth. What do we mean by that? A lot of newer homes have ceiling heights of 9'-10', although this makes the spaces feel large and airy, it can also make the furniture in it look squatty and the room feel cold.

Have no fear guys... the answer is simple and comes in all different price ranges! The power of two beautiful floor lamps behind a sofa (add a console in between and we are in business) or task lighting by an accent chair will help add some height to the space and add the warmth we need to make the space feel super inviting and cozy. 

Look no further that the ones we have found for you below! Let us know your favorites in the comments and click the images below for purchase!

Bienvenido a Miami!

We are loving the Miami inspired decor, furniture and artwork that has been popping up all over the place this summer! With any trend it is important to not go overboard… it still needs to feel like your space so go for the pieces that really speak to you and go from there.  A great starting point is a beautiful print or decor, it’s less of an investment and can easily move to another space (guest room/powder bath) when you are ready for something different.

We gathered all of our favorite Miami inspired furniture, art and decor with links to where you can buy! What a great way to make summer last a little longer! Bienvenido a Miami!