Pets in HON Designs

Anyone that's stopped by House of Nomad’s studio knows we're animal lovers! The first person to greet you at the door is Berk's Springer Spaniel, Shelby -- and now, Kell's pup Frankie, a 12-week old tricolored French bulldog! We adore animals and since our very first project, love incorporating cats and dogs alike into almost every space we've designed. With a new pup around the office, it got us reminiscing on our favorite projects where the client's family pets got a little camera time.

Here’s a little bit about each space we designed, and how we considered the pets in the design decisions!

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Myers Park Boxer

This 1940s design project was especially meaningful because it was for neighbors of HON co-owner Berkeley Minkhorst! Not only do we just love the family, but HON is attached to this house because it was the former home of HON’s very first clients! The most beautiful part of this photo is the family’s boxer, with the dearest personality — and we love that she made it into our photoshoot.

Their 40s Myers Park home has integral history and charm but after numerous additions, they were left with a funky flow downstairs and came to HON to rework the design of the space. HON’s goal was to take some of the Americana style the duo both loves, funk it up a bit and bridge the vibe to the rest of the rooms in their downstairs. With their pet in mind, HON selected a gorgeous antique overdyed rug.

Design tip: Overdyed designs easily camouflage stains, are durable and easy to clean!

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Mountain Island Lake Goldendoodle

This is the sweetest dog you will ever meet — this family goldendoodle was very excited to pose for the camera. Last summer, we were hired by a charming mini-client (daughter of former clients who HON adores!) in Mountain Island Lake, who said she loved to read and dreamed of a dedicated crafting space in her room.

HON incorporated a desk and shelf for crafting supplies and went with a bookish Kate Spade wallpaper. The full reveal was just beautiful (she gasped with joy!) and her room is stylish with the accent wall, functional with crafting and reading areas — and all around beautifully cozy.

NoDA Cat

Kelley’s doll-face Persian, Oliver, came to LIFE the day our photographer, Laura Sumrak, photographed Kell’s home! While usually camera shy (Oliver won’t ever put his best face forward for Kell’s shots!) — he kept perching in the perfect frames for the camera. Kell’s modern new build in NoDA is eclectic, and full of global finds from HON and personal travels — check out Domino Mag’s feature for more!

Considering Oliver (and now their new pup, Frankie!), Kell took into account the color of her animals — with shedding in mind. So Kell went with a multicolored rug. Kell also went with a Crypton fabric for her sofa (pictured above left) because of its durability!

Design tip: Crypton is a durable upholstery choice (for kids or pets alike!). Not only does it fight against stains but is resistant to scratching/claws.

Dilworth Cat

This precious ragdoll cat was very excited about her baby sister coming along! One of the very first designs HON did, this Dilworth nursery is playful and neutral — and the perfect spot for a catnap, and her baby sister to grow up in!

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.16.40 PM.png

Plaza Midwood Golden Retriever

An early project by HON, this playful space in Plaza Midwood included lovely clients — and their sweet Golden Retreiver, Bailey. These clients approached Berk and Kell asking for design assistance in bridging the two spaces together. Berk and Kell went with a statement wall that pulls out the hues in the living room rug, which Bailey is clearly a fan of! They also went with a slipcovered sofa, which is a breeze to clean — if ever necessary.

Design Tip: Consider a bright, 100% wool rug with pets! It’s great not just for hiding pet hair but is easy to clean.

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Myers Park Springer Spaniel

HON’s original office was in Berk’s house in Myers Park, and the walls were painted a gorgeous, bright blue hue — Vardo by Farrow & Ball. Shelby was a fan of the artistic space and spent every day there with Kell and Berk. Again, the rug selection was important with Shelby in mind, so the duo went with an indoor/outdoor rug, which is both a fun, graphic print — and has longevity to it.

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SouthEnd Springer Spaniel

Last sumer, House of Nomad finally found their way out of Berk’s home office and into our very own studio in South End’s Atherton Lofts. Exposed beams, massive windows, light drenched spaces — it’s a dream! The designs are always evolving as fresh finds are brought back from Berk and Kell’s sourcing trips for our dedicated shopping area (open to the public by appointment and online!).

Berk and Kell loved taking risks in designing the studio, including Shelby’s favorite spot to camoflauge herself— a bold, black and white patterned sofa. Shelby is also obsessively drawn to the Moroccan rugs and Frankie to the poufs!

Cheers to all the CLT pets we’ve grown to love as we’ve designed spaces across the Queen City!

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Photos taken by the talented Laura Sumrak!

Magic Carpets

Here at HON we do have favorites when it comes to the design process! We absolutely LOVE picking out rugs for our clients. Time and time again we are reminded how important it is in order to bring the entire space together. It always helps ground the space and adds interest to the overall look.

We love to keep a nice neutral palette and then have some FUN with rugs and textiles. They add so much warmth and texture that it is hard sometimes for us to picture a room without one! If a large rug scares you for either price or cleanability try out a runner here or there. Or look for the amazing selection of indoor/outdoor rugs that are out there now!

Our rug designers are always adding new beautiful creations to their line so it was hard to select just a few to share! These rugs really are magic!

Click on the images below to find out who designs it and where to purchase! 

A very HON Holiday!

We love how the holidays entice all of the senses. The colors, the textures and the smells of the holidays are intoxicating! We love bringing natural and whimsical elements into our homes during this time of year. It allows you to be totally absorbed in the cheer and we believe less stressed if you can decorate your home in a HON way :) 

So for some HON tips: LESS fake more REAL! We would rather have just a few focal points in the home with holiday cheer with real tree trimmings, berries, eucalyptus rosemary than an entire house with plastic greenery. Who needs holiday scented candles when your decor can do the work! 

Table scape: Stick to 2-3 colors max for your table scape. Great combos would be: white & gold, green & white, white & red, white & gray or silver & green. Take those tree trimmings and gather them with some white pillar candles with different heights and we are slowly on our way to a beautiful and simple table scape. Another great option is to take one of your favorite decorative large bowls and fill with glass ornaments that you have filled with either small tree trimmings, berries, eucalyptus or small succulents.  

Decor Ideas: We love the look of hanging a wreath against a leaner mirror or larger mirror in your home. It will act as a nice focal point and add lots of texture to your space! It is also really fun to pick a small theme for your decor, maybe you traveled somewhere fun this year and want to bring some of those colors or influences in? Or you and your family LOVE holiday candies or animals and can look for decor or items you have that go with that theme!

Mantel Ideas: We love the idea of mixing old with new- we found some awesome vintage nutcrackers on Etsy and mixing those with some new modern ones like these from CB2 would be super cool. Add in some of our favorite small twinkle lights wrapped around the bottom and you have a very cool holiday mantel! We are also loving this years white fuzzy and furry stockings! This added texture will make the room feel extra cozy and won't clash with the rest of your decor. 

Front Door: We are loving this pom pom trend this year that we are seeing! Check out Etsy or CB2 for some great looking and unique wreaths! 

Tree: Similar to your table scape and home decor try to continue your theme or color palette your tree! If you love a lot of colorful and vintage ornaments that totally works, try to add a white pom pom or white ball felted strings around the tree to bring everything together and help break up some of the color! We love these vintage inspired ornaments from Anthropologie this year!

Check out all the goodies we have found for you and your home this holiday season with some amazing images for inspiration! 

Happy Holidays!

Love- Kell & Berk 

19 Transforming Pieces of Hardware

We believe that NEW isn't always better- especially when it comes to unique pieces of furniture that you have either found or inherited. A HON rule (that we try to adhere to) is always to have one vintage piece in each space! Even if thats a small rug or vintage frame used to frame a new print or painting you have. The point is to have a little history in each room- otherwise our spaces can feel cold (and out comes the dramatic side of me... soulless). 

So lets say you get this pretty cool dresser or side table but it feels to dated to go with the rest of your space. This is a pretty easy fix and doesn't have to break the bank! The solution is switching out the hardware! They make amazing knobs and pulls with all kinds of personality and finishes these days so we gathered some of our favorites! 

If you also need your piece to be refinished/painted check out Reinvented Charlotte on Dewitt Lane, they specialize in this kind of thing and are damn good at it!

So here are our picks for updating your hardware- most of these would be amazing in a kitchen or bath too! When selecting think about how you want your piece of furniture to be transformed... does it need a big modern push? Look for lucite pulls or a really sleek antique brass pull/knob. If the piece needs to go more transitional look for more classic shaped hardware or ones set with stones, like the ones from local artisan Addison Weeks



Power Couples!

This week we are taking a look at our favorite "power couples!" We love a dynamic duo and that applies to furniture as well. Nesting tables- sets of table lamps- interesting bookends- a set of get the idea! The power of two in a room is clear- it helps to add balance and harmony into your space. We are not saying that everything has to be "matchy matchy"- but if your side tables are not the same think about doing a pair of table lamps that match! This will help keep the space feeling less busy and tie everything together. 

We have gathered our favorite duos below! Click on the image to find out where to purchase and be sure to let us know your favorites!