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We believe that travel is the best design school!

Travel is not just a hobby that we love. But we are passionate about every trip we book because we get outside inspiration and we love bringing back unique items for our clients!

It’s so important to us that spaces tell stories. We find that our clients’ faces light up when we bring in accessories during styling day and they hear where the decor items came from. We love that they want to weave these stories into the story their home already tells. Having an online shop makes this story-telling design idea more accessible.

To do just this, our shop featuring our favorite finds from our travels has gone LIVE! We moved from Etsy to our website — AND — to make room for our Morocco finds, all our Mexico items are on on sale!

Currently on our shop you’ll find our best finds from our adventure last year to Sayulita, where we we went with two goals: finding Otomi textiles and a black hammock swing for Kell’s house.

The Otomi textiles, also known as tenangos, take weeks or even years for the women to hand embroider, and are said to be based on cliff paintings in the Tepehua-Otomi mountains. Some say that they may be also inspired by cave paintings in the Mexican Plateau area. While some of the shapes tend to be more abstract, most of them are based on motifs that can date back to hundreds of years ago. We sourced colorful Otomi pillows, a stunning black and white wall hanging and runners!

Design tip: don’t just think pillow when you see hand-made textiles. We used Otomi covers as art by framing them for Kell’s house!

Our best sourcing story from Sayulita is the source for a black hammock. We went pretty crazy trying to find a black hammock because Kell was in the middle of designing her townhome in NoDa — and no lie, they told us that there was no black string left in the town! We kept asking and looking, and finally, on the last day, one of the vendors met us with a black hammock they had just finished weaving. So. she is extra special to HON. She tells such a terrific story.


If you head over to our Instagram TODAY, you’ll be in the running to win one of our Otomi pillows! You’ll find the rules to enter there — and we’ll announce the winner next Wednesday. Stay tuned for all of our Morocco finds coming soon to the shop soon — and follow along our sourcing adventures on Instagram.