Small Changes, Big Impact

There are definite times when a room needs an entire overhaul, no question about it. (And nothing can shortcut that process.) But what about the times when a space is in decent shape, time/budget might be limited and the room just needs a refresh? Maybe it just needs some personality? A small change can bring a surpisingly big impact and might be just the thing.

To get you started, here’s a few small changes that have brought the biggest impact in rooms we’ve recently designed.

1. Accent Wall

Maybe the space just needs a little spunk — and if so, an accent wall is hands down the way to go. (And that’s if your space allows for it.) Accent walls can also come in the form of paint or our current favorite: wallpaper.

A client in Davidson asked us to bring some grown-up personality to their 9-year-old daugther’s bedroom, making a space she could feel at home in but grow into. When we heard she loved pink — and animals — this mural by Anthropologie was just the thing! Since the dimensions of the mural were smaller than her wall, we painted a border around it, making it a simple, but custom art wall. Add in the tassel pendent and it couldn’t be more adorable.

Two of our favorite wallpapers right now are Rebecca Atwood’s marble wallpaper and this gorgeous gunmetal pattern.

Or try a bright paint! Take this before and after in Plaza Midwood — they had already scored a modern light fixture and a new table wasn’t in the budget, so we went for a bright accent wall instead. New end chairs were added to bring some personality, too, but the overall space was refreshed by painting that back wall, which took less than a can of paint.

2. Light Fixture

Swapping out the light is fixture is often an overlooked way to get a lot of bang for your buck. Lighting is sort of like shoes to an outfit, if the light fixture isn’t right the whole look is thrown off. Not to mention, lighting is just so much fun and one of our favorite parts of the design process. We always tell our clients: lighting is always a worthy investment point.

Here’s a HON before/after example from a cottage in Myers Park where lighting was a huge factor in our overall design. And check out everything lighting by Schoolhouse Electric for more inspiration!

3. Hardware

If you have a solid piece that you love, like a dresser or console, but it needs updating — consider replacing the hardware. This is a great option for kitchen cabinets, as well! Maybe the piece or cabinetry need knobs instead of pulls or matte black instead of brass or visa versa. Order a few and try them out! Some of our favorites right now are these brass knobs and this gorgeous reed and bronze handle.

4. Styling

Often, a space just needs a little styling — removing some clutter and adding in some finishing touches with textiles such as accent pillows or blankets. Our best tips are to start by removing everything from the space, then only add back in what you LOVE. Or maybe leave the space empty for a bit and see what you miss.

Take this space before and after. Styling has incredible power and is so fulfilling in your own space!

Then, think warmth and personality. Layer texture and color with throw pillows and blankets, and buy more than you need and play with them. (You can always return your rejects once you find a set up you love!) Another tip: go an inch or two bigger with the inserts than the pillow dimmensions — and always go for the down filled inserts.

Cheers to small changes making a big impact in your spaces!