A Well-Designed Bar Cart

Cheers to a holiday weekend! Here’s to hoping plans are in the works to relax with your favorites by whipping up a cocktail (or two!) — and what a better way to prep for festivities than to stock your bar cart! 


One of Kell’s favorite spaces in her house is her bar cart decked out with all the essentials — and it’s a spot that Berk and Kell thoughtfully collaborated on the design. Her favorite part? Next to the drinks her and her husband, Brad, craft up for guests — it’s the textiles hung above her vintage cart. They were favorite finds on House of Nomad’s trip to Sayulita last year and framing them brought pops of color and personality to her entire dining space!

Here are some of our go-to essentials of a well-designed bar cart.

1. The Cart.

Kell’s cart was actually a steal from ALLMODERN. A few carts that have caught our eye lately are the Mid-Century Modern black and brass cart, this antique brass piece, a gold and wood cart that won’t break the bank — and this stylish space saver

2. The Decanter/Shaker.

Kell’s decanter is from Evoke the Spirit, a Sayulita shop filled with locally made goods. While there, Kell swiped the decanter and shot glasses, and while HON didn't bring back any to sell (next time!) some of our favorites are one this Mid-Century one-of-a kind we found on Etsy -- or this glass and leather detail decanter -- as well as this trendy copper shaker. This deco bar set not only adds height to your bar cart display but is your one-stop shop for tools you need to craft delicious drinks. And with a crowd in mind, this punch bowl set would be perfect to have on hand!

3. The Coasters.

We’re suckers for a good black and white print and coasters are no different! We recently grabbed this set for our studio from CB2 — a bold pattern with a wood inlay. This agate set would be good for any season, serving drinks indoor or outdoor!

4. The Greenery.

Add some life and a pop of green to your cart with a live plant or two! If you're thinking of a potted succulent to set on top of the cart, here are our top favorites planters —  a fun planter with metal detail, this elephant planter, or this black and white mini option. Or, if you have space for it — pot a snake plant or palm-leaf variety and place next to the cart to make a larger statement and add more dimension. We love this planter or this modern stand option.

5. The Art.

Further define your bar space by framing some personalized art for the space! Check out the House of Nomad Etsy shop to grab a textile to frame. The wallhangings we brought back are called Otomis, named for the native group that handcrafted them in that part of Mexico. Another idea? Hire a local artist to hand-letter a recipe of your favorite drink to frame — or grab this modern print.

6. The Recipes.

Not only do these books (The Southerner’s Handbook” or “The Southerner’s Cookbook") look beautiful piled on your cart, but they’re pages of tried and true southern advice — and cocktails. Or, head to this online resource by Garden & Gun complete with recipes, behind the scenes videos and more! And — here’s a recipe from House of Nomad -- our summer favorite!



Mezcal Cocktail

Here’s a recipe Berk and her husband Diek have been enjoying with friends this summer, infused with jalapeños from Berk’s garden!

3 parts mezcal

2 parts Cointreau 

2 parts lime 

1 squeeze of agave per drink

Sliced Jalapeños - 2 per drink

Shake over ice for at least 30 seconds, until the shaker frosts on the outside. Serve immediately. Cheers!

*Note, replace the jalapeno slices with an herb of choice if you're not looking for a little kick in your drink.