Forever Young

At House of Nomad, we love to work with people of all ages, and three of our newest (and most fun) clients aren’t of legal driving age yet!

Spaces for youngsters are at the top of our list as some of the most fulfilling and enjoyable spaces we create. We can take design risks (like bright color accent walls and wallpaper) that wouldn’t work in larger, family spaces and the entire process is extremely lighthearted and interactive. We give the young clients options (steering them to avoid a design disaster of course) and watch their personal creativity peek out. To be totally honest, these projects remind us why we love to do what we do.


This spring, we met Sawyer. She lives in a new build in Davidson and she told us she loved “shocking pink,” animals and sleepovers. Her spunk was contagious as were her ideas and we ran with it. Tackling her space, we curated a room with a bohemian feel — and it’s so charming. Our favorite is the big mural accent wall, wallpapered in pinks, blues and teals. Two twin beds (perfect for sleepovers!) have a tassel pendant hanging between and throws in the shocking pink element. (Check out our instagram moment at @houseofnomaddesign labeled “Davidson” for the inside scoop!)

Currently, we’re designing 9-year-old Lily’s room. When we sat down to chat with Lily, the sweet girl brought a notebook in hand to carefully take note of her options. She asked for a craft area, reading nook as well as a designated dress-up area. When we pitched two room layouts to her, and she went with floor plan No. 2 — and selected a soft, white fabric to upholster her chair for crafting. A bookish wallpaper will go behind her dusty pink upholstered headboard, showing her love for reading. We pulled in fun basket for storing craft supplies and a bright modern print to pull the space together. We can't wait to install soon!

The third space we’re busy crafting is Ella’s room. Ella’s full of energy, is a pink lover and she requested a space that reflects lots of fun. Feeding off her energy, we found a fun way to incorporate a reading nook that’s fun with a bamboo hanging chair. We loved pulling navy blue with pops of pink, giving the room a sophisticated feel that can last until high school. And -- we were thrilled to find a juju hat that reminded us of her favorite toy -- Num Noms! This install is right around the corner!

Come on by and see us designing spaces in our new studio at 2108 South Boulevard, Unit 115 — and watch for install details on these spaces at @houseofnomaddesign on instagram.