Show that Entryway Who is Boss!

Today we are talking about about the entryway! This is one of the places that we see our clients struggle with time and time again -- it quickly becomes a dumping ground for bags, keys, shoes and toys. It is about functionality but that doesn't mean we have to skip on personality!

It is time to take back that space in your home and remember it is the first place that everyone sees when they come in. It sets the tone for your entire home and we are sure that you don't want that tone to be stress. :) 

When designing any space the first thing you start with is the actual architecture itself. You have to understand the shape and size of your space to then begin to design within those parameters. So no trips to Home Goods for baskets until you have measured and really thought about the overall space! 

Once you have your measurements it is time to think about how you WISH people used the space -- in a dream senario how would you and your family come into your home (we still have to be realistic here). The big thing seems to be storage or needing a space for things to actually go instead of the floor. In comes in the entryway bench or unit! If you have enough space and could have a built-in unit on one side, then this is a fabulous option. But maybe it is just a bench with several baskets below to store shoes, toys, and bags. Each basket can be for each person in the family so that everyone feels like they have their own space to put their things. This seems to work well for kids.

For the adults, it would be great if all those jackets and keys and gym bags could make it into the closet. It may be time to clean out that closest and create a small organized space for you guys to hang coats, hang bags and keys. Be sure to use the wall for hooks or even small baskets as a catch all but the best part is you can close the door and keep all of that out of sight!

Now for the fun part! Here is a list of items that we think are extremely functional and beautiful for an entryway: 

a) Console (be sure to measure for this one and look for one with drawers and/or an area below for baskets)

b) Mirror (this will help make the area seem larger and comes in handy when you are running out the door) 

c) Baskets (they are fun as well as functional)

d) Lighting (could be a fabulous chandelier or if you only have space for a flush mount, try some table lamps for your console) 

e) Simple Decor (think plants, ceramic pieces, candles) 

f) Wallpaper (more beautiful than functional but this will set the tone for the entire house so why not have fun with it?!)

g) Runner (look for something either natural (sisal/jute or 100% wool) - we love doing vintage runners to help disguise dirt!

Below we have gathered TONS of entryway inspo for you! Spring is the time to clean out and start fresh so why not start from the beginning of the home!