Giving Thanks for Our Team


Happy Thanksgiving! We love anything festive especially revolved around food and drinks but before we dive into Turkey day, we are taking time to reminisce. Amazing how some moments of silence and musing lead to deep gratitude. We are insanely thankful for all the events that led us to launch House of Nomad almost two years ago, open the South End studio just a few months ago -- and most of all, to build a team. We are pinching ourselves.

It wasn’t that long ago we were doing everything on our own. We were both working full time jobs and then queuing up energy every night and weekend to work towards this dream of House of Nomad (HON). We were exhausted -- but we had made our minds up -- and there was no getting in the way.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 12.56.37 AM.png

For one of our first projects, we wanted to make the timeline and budget of the project work for the client and we had no hands-on professional help or delivery team. Think, no install team whatsoever. It was just us and the toolkit we borrowed from our husbands. There we were on Friday putting together a shelf unit, a sofa, a file cabinet -- even a bed. And there we were on Saturday. And again on Sunday. Now we die laughing about it, but at the time we were calling in our husband’s help and there were tears involved.

A few months later, still working out of our home studio -- switching between Berkeley’s house one day and Kelley’s on another -- we were trying to meet with clients, run our Instagram account, place orders and follow up with clients and deal with orders stuck in customs. We found ourselves with little energy to run our social media, deal with project management, run the business-- and let alone enjoy the design process. It was then and there that we realized it could just be Berk and I we had to start building the HON team! We learned a lot about ourselves and our business through the hiring process and can't imagine handling everything without them. Now we have a full install team, delivery team, photographer, social media guru, design assistant and project manager. Yes! Its because of their support that we were able to go to Morocco this year and check off another dream that we had when starting the business... to travel and source items for our clients and our online shop. We have been busy planning our next sourcing trip and can't wait to share all the details with you guys soon!

We still -- on a daily basis -- can’t get over that we get to do what we love-- in our very own studio with an amazing team to support us! At first we had a hard time letting go (and sometimes still do) but quickly realized that we couldn't do any of this without them. Bethany, Michelle, Shannon and Jim - we are so thankful for you guys. Thanks for dealing with all the craziness of us and for helping us grow HON!!