HON's Best of Bali

It’s been just a week since our plane landed in Charlotte, delivering us and our memories of beautiful rattan everything back to the Queen City. Unlike Morocco, we weren’t able to pack part of what we sourced in our suitcases (turns out rattan does not compress as well as Moroccan pillows) — but an entire shipping container is its way to our studio. We’ll be sure to let you Queen City locals know when it arrives and our loot is ready for shopping!

We’re back in the swing of life in the studio with design consultations, installs and photo shoots, but took a bit to reminisce on our top moments in Bali. Here are the sights, memories and food we will always carry as our first taste of Bali — but not to be the last!

1. Rattan Workshop Visit

What surprised us the most was debunking our assumption that certain rattan pieces might be crafted in a factory! Every piece is TRULY hand crafted. We watched artisans hand bend the rattan to make each and every shape for bar carts, hanging swings and so much more.

The second surprise was realizing we could design our own rattan pieces! From a bar cart, headboards and coffee tables to a beautiful caned-back shelf, hanging swings and accent chairs — we cannot wait to see these custom rattan items come to life.

2. Trade Safari

Our first two days in Bali, we boarded a trade safari where a guide took us to all the go-to spots for sourcing, introducing us to artisans and guided us to custom design locations. Second after our rattan experience -- a favorite was a visit to a manufacturer for Australia-based Barnaby Lane, where we designed some of the most beautiful things we have ever seen, including a favorite hide to be crafted into sling chairs. 

Then, we visited an artisan wood carver where we designed side tables. Not only did we shop a range of traditional, gorgeous Balinese pieces but also ordered custom decor and tables. On another day, we met with a lighting artisan and created designs for HON custom light fixtures — AND met with an incredible leather artisan! We can’t WAIT to share what the Bali artisans are busy creating and shipping our way soon!

3. Air B & B

After our 32-hour trip from CLT to Bali, it truly felt like we woke up in a Domino Magazine. It was an incredible surprise to wake up in this space where every detail had been thought of and every space was thoughtfully designed. From the round pillows to the combo of blush and orange, it was impeccable and so inspiring! A favorite memory was the dance party we had in the pool! If you ever go to Bali, it's a must-stay!

4. Cooking Class

Our favorite way to get to know a culture is to do a cooking class at every new destination. We both love cooking (and lucky for us, so do our husbands!) so once they arrived, we booked a cooking class with the Kenduri Project.

She came to our villa, not only bringing spices and ingredients for a feast but flowers for a tablescape. As we ground spices in a traditional Indonesian mortar and pestle to make sambal paste, we heard the story of her business launch and marriage to an Australian native who relocated to Bali. It was such a fun evening! 

While our favorite of the class was the Kenduri turmeric chicken (a traditional chicken dish made with local ingredients), we’re always up for a good dipping sauce. A menu stand-out was the peanut sauce we made, served with homemade prawn crackers. So delicious! 

5. Sundays Beach Club

After all the sourcing, it was a luxury to sit in a lounger right on the ocean and watch the surfers — and enjoy a drink! What made Sundays Beach Club stand out from other Bali beaches is its location a cove. It took us 1.5 hours to get there and once a day, the tide calmed and we snorkeled and paddle boarded in the insanely bright teal waters. That was a memory worth the 32-hour trip there.

6. Cove Island Essentials

There were so many Balinese shops we adored, but we stumbled upon a retail shop we wished we could copy and paste into our retail location in SouthEnd — Cove Island Essentials. They even had a candle and a perfume they dubbed ‘Nomad,’ so obviously, those made the cut and came back to CLT with us. Next door, a chic clothing boutique owned by the same person offered some amazing coats that we were crazy about. We can’t wait to bring some of this inspiration into our shopping space as we overhaul it this fall!!!

Stay tuned for our full Guide to Bali that we’re releasing soon, adding it to our Travel Guide collection