The Best of High Point Market 2018

High Point Market never dissapoints!

It’s the annual event that we can always count on being entirely inspiring, beautiful and overwhelming in the amount of talent and beauty packed into a few days. Designers are elbow to elbow into showrooms sharing ideas and oooing over modern light fixtures, textured fabrics, velvet endchairs and new rug releases, meeting the artists crafting behind the scenes — and it all ended yesterday. What’s incredible is that these full-time designers work all year to create these luxe spaces seen for a few days.

Since Berkely & Kelley were in Morocco sourcing items for our upcoming STUDIO PARTY (slated for Nov. 16-17!!!) our team was on the ground at High Point — and here’s an overview of the trends they saw and loved!

(Oh, and we must note — this year was memorable because it’s the first time — thanks, Hurricane Michael! — that the power has gone out in the High Point Market Showrooms in 40 years!)


A stand-out from Market is upholstery with gorgeous curves. These rounded pieces provide immediate interest — and a little bit of sexy danger to the designs. We saw this in headboards, sofas and the lines of chairs mainly — from end chairs to dining chairs.


There was a strong emphasis on fresh materials and finishes in the showrooms. What drew us the most were designs that majored on the modern and the acrylic. Our favorite acrylics were dining chairs, end tables that mixed acrylics and metal — and a giant acrylic chandelier. The chandelier, we were told, was a point of contraversy, especially among male clients — they hated that something so luxe was made of acrylic. There were also acrylic notes in decor accents, including a tic-tac-toe board that caught our eye.

Art Deco Vibes

There was a touch of glam, a bit of modernism with retro vibies, warm metalics and lots of dramatic curves to a majority of furniture pieces. We’re in love with the timeless, exaggerated drama of these pieces — abstract and gilded.

Natural Elements

Natural wood seems to have a bit of a resurgence in this year’s designs, providing quirky and leggy details to tables and end tables alike. The raw feel of these pieces added an organic tone to the showrooms. Rattan was in almost every showroom, a popular natural texture that’s here to stay.

Purple Hues

Lilac, lavendar and deep plum were constants in the showrooms, and most often in gorgeous velvet fabrics. While we still saw some deep emerald tones (which we are still crazy for), most greens seem to have given way to a popular purple craze. Are you a fan or no?