Shop Sale!

Our suitcases are FULL of new and beautfiul Moroccan things — textiles and ceramics and poufs — and a pile of gorgeous rugs to ship back! To make room for all these beautiful arrivals to our shop, we hope the Mexican finds currently in stock can find the right home at a great price — and everything is on sale right now!

Here’s a little glimpse into our Moroccan shopping — yesterday we hiked up to Berber Village! When we made it to Berber Village, the female artisans greeted us with bright faces and smiles and were thrilled to show us their art. The women demonstrated their weaving and showed us how they craft yarn from sheeps wool. The rugs were INCREDIBLY beautiful and it was breathtaking to see the process from start to finish. There is so much talent in Berber Village!

They had walls and walls and walls of handmade rugs hung up for purchase. And, there was lots of black and white options — so we were in heaven!!

We have just under a week left in Morocco! Look for details on our STUDIO party coming soon where you can purchase our Moroccan finds in person — and more coming to the shop in the next few weeks. We can’t wait to share it all!!