Before & After: Quail Hollow Kitchen

We’re here with a HON PROJECT REVEAL — a before/after of a Quail Hollow kitchen and dining area that we couldn’t be more thrilled with! Starting as a classic 1990s beige-on-beige space, Berk and Kell transformed it into a clean, airy and gorgeous room!

On first seeing this space, it was layered with dark elements — dark granite countertops, a tiered bar with painted cabinets, and a stone backsplash — all gave the space a dated feel. It was tan upon tan upon tan with beige cabinets and beige walls, and the charming client asked HON to help renovate and refresh the space. The main design challenge to tackle was the large, gaping hole between the tiered island and the adjacent living room — and it was Berk and Kell’s job to figure out how to utilize the space both practically and aesthetically.

With cohesian in mind, the duo designed a large, square island that removed the tiers and added space on all sides. This meant barstools could be tucked around the end as well as the sides of the island, making it a centerpoint for the busy lifestyle of the family of four. To bring a warm pop of color to the space, the duo painted the island Sherwin William’s Dark Knight. The dark granite was ripped out, replaced by quartz countertops for a bright and clean look.


When creating the design plan for the dining space, Berk and Kell considered the client’s and their family. With two young boys and an open-door policy with a neighborhood of friends, HON chose a gray jute rug to bring warmth and definition to the dining area that was also easy to clean. The clients also went with a indestructible seating option for their dining area -- a bench that's inviting and can fit a crowd. To add some personality to the space, custom roman shades replaced plastic blinds in the dining area.


The goal was to update the space with a fresh and light feel and HON achieved that through freshly painted cabinets (Sherwin William’s Snowbound) and giving the walls a timeless hue painted in a HON favorite -- Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. This fresh paint meant goodbye to the two-toned desk area, bringing refreshing cohesion to this half of the room.


Simply and clean subway tile replaced the ombre of brown stones, previously behind the sink and cabinets. Pops of brass were added in the hardware and cabinetry pulls. 

Walking into this sunny, light space is a breath of fresh air and we feel lighter everytime we get to spend some time here. Cheers to a project reveal that we are in love with — and here’s to hoping every space we design makes our clients feel right at home!!

IMG_0202 (2).jpg

Easter Blush

Easter is just days away and it has us dreaming in pastel tones — and mostly in BLUSH PINK. Remember Berkeley’s house and its exterior before/after? Well, her powder bath is about to get a paint job, too — and blush pink it is! Here’s some highlights from our blush-loving brains this week.

1. Go-To Blush Paints

For her bath, Berk’s jumping for Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground. This hue is a dusty-toned blush pink but all the best ways. For the above office space designed for Garance Doré’s new LA home by designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, the duo settled on Quaint Peche by Sherwin Williams. Try Head Over Heels by Benjamin Moore for a softer, more subtle blush tone. Or, give Peaches N’ Cream by Benjamin Moore a try for a bolder hue.

2. Where the Blush Belongs

There really are no limits to where blush can bring beauty and that soft color pop. Blush in the bathroom, blush in the kitchen — blush in the bedroom or the patio.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 4.38.08 PM.png

We really love the idea of blush in kids rooms, too. Like this space by designer Lauren Krieger — light blush walls layered with pops of white and bright pink.

3. Blush & Green

We’re loving the natural green tones Davidson’s Blake Pope brought into his bedroom design. His collection of aristic plants pop beautifully layered against his warm accent wall, painted in Peaches N’ Cream.

4. Blush Up the Accents

If you’re not ready to jump for blush walls, try incorporating some spring tones into your accents. Take this outdoor scene with pops of pink layered in. Another spot to bring in some blush is in your tablescapes — grab some fun napkins or accents for your upcoming Easter gatherings! Try these placemats or napkins to start.

Hop on over to Instagram to stay tuned to Berk’s bathroom blush refresh, featured on our design daily stories. Happy Easter!!

The Best of High Point Spring Market 2019

High Point’s Spring Market is a wrap! As always, it never dissapoints — and we’re back in the studio with inspiration overload and happily unpacking our market finds, soon to find their way into gorgeous client spaces we’re busy designing!!

Here’s a glimpse into the High Point showrooms and a handful of trends we were crushing on all weekend long!

Texture on Texture

A favorite stand-out from Market is texture on texture on texture on texture! We saw upholstery with gorgeous texture, textured light fixtures, textured and layered rugs, decor accessories and more. We LOVE layering spaces with texture and personality, and here’s a few of our favorite (and textured) shots.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 7.52.03 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 9.42.52 AM.png


Like last market, we saw upholstery with gorgeous curves everywhere! These rounded pieces provide immediate visual interest. We saw curved headboards, curved sofa backs — and (pictured here) most often, curved edges in the lines of chairs!

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 7.51.50 AM.png

Black Walls

We have no complaints here — black walls were in almost every showroom — and we are huge fans! Black paint creates such a moody atmosphere and we were taken with the way it shows off the playfulness of these gorgeous pieces.

Natural Elements

There’s a huge resurgence of caning in the design market, providing quirky and natural details to tables, chairs and end tables! We love the raw feel of these pieces and the organic tone. We were thrilled to see that rattan (even in BLACK!) is here to stay!

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 9.54.37 AM.png

Pink Hues

Pink, blush and pale rose were constants in High Point. Not only in gorgeous velvet upholstery and in painted nooks but in wallpaper and our favorite — vintage rugs! We spent hours scouring rug vendors, searching for the perfect vintage, pink tones! Are you a fan or no?

Check out our instagram stories for more highlights of this year’s market!

GUIDE to Crafting Timeless Spaces for Kids

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 9.37.29 PM.png

It's FINALLY spring and it's motivating us to freshen up some spaces! Design is meant to be fun and some of our most memorable spaces to bring sunshine to this season have been kid rooms! Not only are our mini-clients charming as can be, but their reactions to their finished spaces stay with us forever!

A favorite girl’s room we designed, Girly Boho, we designed for a 6-year-old girl in Mountain Island Lake. A wonderful, young family hired House of Nomad last spring, asking for personalized designs for their young daughter’s bedroom. From her room to yours, here’s a guide for how to create timeless and sophisticated kid paces!

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 9.36.59 PM.png

1. Have a Family Meeting

Why not make this fun?! Make hot chocolate or take your little on a date to a favorite local spot and have a family brainstorm! One of our favorite parts of the process is to dialogue with our mini-clients about their space. Here’s a few questions we always ask to get your dialogue started:

  • “What are you favorite colors you want to see in your room?”

  • “What are your favorite things to do?”

  • “What dreams do you have for your room?”

For this space, we found out that our client LOVED crafts and had always dreamed of a dedicated craft space. She also loved books and reading — and soft fabrics. We were TOTALLY taken with her charm and she was so excited to be part the creative process!

2. Make a Wish List — then Reference Our Must-Have List

With her wishes in mind, we made a list of the must-have’s for the space:

  • Dedicated craft area

  • Reading nook

  • Soft fabrics

  • Pinks and whites

We then cross referenced that list to our list of MUST-HAVE’s for a kid space:

  • Accent wall

  • Statement lighting

  • Custom storage stools

  • Fun plays on texture and pattern

With every kid space we have designed, we’ve found that if we include these elements — it’s a no-fail road to creating playful rooms that grow up a bit with our little clients as the years go by.

3. Go for Timeless, Not Trendy

When thinking about a child’s space, TIMELESS is the word we say on repeat. With timeless in mind, our next step for this bedroom was to brainstorm how to combine the two lists. We always start the design process with a particular item as our launching point, so we took her love for books and the idea of an accent wall and combined the two with the find of this Kate Spade wallpaper. That jumpstarted the rest of the room and we moved on to bedding selection (solid bedding and headboard to break up the bold wallpaper). Next, we created a desk area with dedicated craft bins and a reading nook with the coziest chair.

Design Tips towards a timeless space:

  • Go for twin beds (or larger), not bunkbeds — they are more versatile and create a grown-up feel that the child can grow into.

  • Themed rooms are tough on the timeless department. If a child is obsessed with a certain character/sport/etc., consider incorporating this passion into the art or an accent piece. A large print can be easily swapped out as tastes change, but also provides the personal touch that makes the kid own the space.

  • Pick solid colors for bedding and headboard/footboard, and bring in fun patterns in with blankets and throw pillows.

  • Even in spaces for younger people, incorporate greenery. It provides a calm and natural feel to the space — even if its faux. While we are NOT fans of faux, we do think kid spaces are an exception.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 9.38.14 PM.png

4. Let the Littles Chime Back In

For this bedroom — we let our mini-client be the final call on fabrics and finishes. She picked the wallpaper, the custom chair fabric, the ottoman upholstery and the headboard hue. Design is always sensory, so we gathered a tray (picture above) of samples and let her feel the fabrics and look at them together as she made her picks. With her help, HON brought in playful texture with the pink-palm fabric, chunky throw blanket and patterned lumbar — and a pop of green in the mini-snake plant and giant faux cactus.  

Design Tip: Make sure all the options you offer are all a win together! But do keep an open mind, this is the little’s personal space. Eclectic — within reason — can be charming, too.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 3.12.35 PM.png

A HON favorite from the space is of course the Kate Spade wallpaper, which reflects her love of reading — and the playful mix of feminine fabrics and the bold cheetah print. The custom ottomans provided storage and a fun pop. Another HON favorite from this space is the Regina Andrew flushmount, which added finished the space.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 9.34.29 PM.png

The full reveal was everything we dreamed of — she SCREAMED with delight when she her room, and ran from her craft area to her reading nook, pointing and picking up every detail with so much delight, it was contagious! We won’t ever forget the look on her face!!

This project was incredibly fulfilling for House of Nomad, crafting a design and floor plan to represent the unique personalities of this client (no matter how old!). Her room is stylish with the accent wall, functional with crafting and reading areas — and all around beautifully cozy.

All photos taken by our lovely Laura Sumrak.

Pets in HON Designs

Anyone that's stopped by House of Nomad’s studio knows we're animal lovers! The first person to greet you at the door is Berk's Springer Spaniel, Shelby -- and now, Kell's pup Frankie, a 12-week old tricolored French bulldog! We adore animals and since our very first project, love incorporating cats and dogs alike into almost every space we've designed. With a new pup around the office, it got us reminiscing on our favorite projects where the client's family pets got a little camera time.

Here’s a little bit about each space we designed, and how we considered the pets in the design decisions!

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.00.28 PM.png

Myers Park Boxer

This 1940s design project was especially meaningful because it was for neighbors of HON co-owner Berkeley Minkhorst! Not only do we just love the family, but HON is attached to this house because it was the former home of HON’s very first clients! The most beautiful part of this photo is the family’s boxer, with the dearest personality — and we love that she made it into our photoshoot.

Their 40s Myers Park home has integral history and charm but after numerous additions, they were left with a funky flow downstairs and came to HON to rework the design of the space. HON’s goal was to take some of the Americana style the duo both loves, funk it up a bit and bridge the vibe to the rest of the rooms in their downstairs. With their pet in mind, HON selected a gorgeous antique overdyed rug.

Design tip: Overdyed designs easily camouflage stains, are durable and easy to clean!

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.01.28 PM.png

Mountain Island Lake Goldendoodle

This is the sweetest dog you will ever meet — this family goldendoodle was very excited to pose for the camera. Last summer, we were hired by a charming mini-client (daughter of former clients who HON adores!) in Mountain Island Lake, who said she loved to read and dreamed of a dedicated crafting space in her room.

HON incorporated a desk and shelf for crafting supplies and went with a bookish Kate Spade wallpaper. The full reveal was just beautiful (she gasped with joy!) and her room is stylish with the accent wall, functional with crafting and reading areas — and all around beautifully cozy.

NoDA Cat

Kelley’s doll-face Persian, Oliver, came to LIFE the day our photographer, Laura Sumrak, photographed Kell’s home! While usually camera shy (Oliver won’t ever put his best face forward for Kell’s shots!) — he kept perching in the perfect frames for the camera. Kell’s modern new build in NoDA is eclectic, and full of global finds from HON and personal travels — check out Domino Mag’s feature for more!

Considering Oliver (and now their new pup, Frankie!), Kell took into account the color of her animals — with shedding in mind. So Kell went with a multicolored rug. Kell also went with a Crypton fabric for her sofa (pictured above left) because of its durability!

Design tip: Crypton is a durable upholstery choice (for kids or pets alike!). Not only does it fight against stains but is resistant to scratching/claws.

Dilworth Cat

This precious ragdoll cat was very excited about her baby sister coming along! One of the very first designs HON did, this Dilworth nursery is playful and neutral — and the perfect spot for a catnap, and her baby sister to grow up in!

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.16.40 PM.png

Plaza Midwood Golden Retriever

An early project by HON, this playful space in Plaza Midwood included lovely clients — and their sweet Golden Retreiver, Bailey. These clients approached Berk and Kell asking for design assistance in bridging the two spaces together. Berk and Kell went with a statement wall that pulls out the hues in the living room rug, which Bailey is clearly a fan of! They also went with a slipcovered sofa, which is a breeze to clean — if ever necessary.

Design Tip: Consider a bright, 100% wool rug with pets! It’s great not just for hiding pet hair but is easy to clean.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.09.15 PM.png

Myers Park Springer Spaniel

HON’s original office was in Berk’s house in Myers Park, and the walls were painted a gorgeous, bright blue hue — Vardo by Farrow & Ball. Shelby was a fan of the artistic space and spent every day there with Kell and Berk. Again, the rug selection was important with Shelby in mind, so the duo went with an indoor/outdoor rug, which is both a fun, graphic print — and has longevity to it.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.42.43 PM.png

SouthEnd Springer Spaniel

Last sumer, House of Nomad finally found their way out of Berk’s home office and into our very own studio in South End’s Atherton Lofts. Exposed beams, massive windows, light drenched spaces — it’s a dream! The designs are always evolving as fresh finds are brought back from Berk and Kell’s sourcing trips for our dedicated shopping area (open to the public by appointment and online!).

Berk and Kell loved taking risks in designing the studio, including Shelby’s favorite spot to camoflauge herself— a bold, black and white patterned sofa. Shelby is also obsessively drawn to the Moroccan rugs and Frankie to the poufs!

Cheers to all the CLT pets we’ve grown to love as we’ve designed spaces across the Queen City!

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 8.59.20 PM.png

Photos taken by the talented Laura Sumrak!